Cause research of the past expo failure begins

The others are always to blame

So far, the few visitors get lost on the grounds and in the halls of the first world’s fair "EXPO 2000" in hanover. The first 523 employees have been laid off. The media, for example, are to blame with their pessimism.

Predicted and exactly planned as a source of income for the 1. Day of the world exhibition in hanover 250.000visitors. Just a few days before the official opening, this figure was quickly reduced to 150,000 visitors.000 visitors. But the presale then already remained at 56.000 tickets sold. The state government quickly invited 28 EXPO schools to visit the EXPO. The german railroad jumped also still fast with 5.000 free tickets from 7 p.M., so that the area did not look quite so ode in the evening. According to the general commissioner birgit breuel, there really should not be any more free tickets. But also the accreditations of the ca. 6.000 construction workers were simply extended by one day. This was not defined as free tickets, but as a thank you to the many hard-working hands. Nevertheless, it seemed to be a flop at first, but then the visitors just came spontaneously. In the end, more than 150 people strolled through the exhibition.000 visitors on the grounds of the world exhibition. You should not worry about the number of visitors, either, because "the expo is not a 100-meter race, but a marathon run", said EXPO spokesman lampersbach about it.

Apart from the surprise that many visitors came to the EXPO grounds in hanover on the opening day, there is not much positive to report about the success of the world exhibition. An average of 70.000 visitors per day is far from enough to generate part of the budgeted income, especially since many visitors still linger on the grounds with free tickets.

Now speculation begins as to who is to blame for this disaster.

The halls are formally empty, and some countries are still taking the opportunity to set up their presentations or to make their own presentations. Partly also to be built up. The operators are not responsible for the incomplete statuses, often the delay is also due to the german bureaucracy. The dominican republic, for example, which celebrated its nation’s day yesterday and spread a lively cheer, cannot yet set up its presentation in hall 21 because some things are still stuck at customs. The responsible persons showed themselves deeply disappointed, particularly since they yesterday their minister for the prasidialamt S.E. Juan temistocles montas had as their guest.

A total of 2.5 million marks was invested, but this was only a partial demonstration of the project. Nevertheless, the musicians made the EXPO-plaza swing in the evening. Even without visitors, they were amused by the colorful mix of international exhibitors and EXPO employees. The ca. 1.000 concertgoers took the opportunity for extensive dancing and, quite incidentally, a moroccan group appeared in their traditional costumes and danced to caribbean tunes. The hosts from over 170 nations cannot be blamed for this flop. They exude an exuberant and contagious joie de vivre.


The holidays are also said to be to blame for the few visitors. The opening day was on ascension day and the coming weekend is the pentecost holidays. Here it is amed that these holidays attract a few spontaneous visitors like on the opening day, but rather keep away many EXPO visitors. Many people remember the typical pictures of traffic jams on such holidays all too well. To then get involved in a journey to the world exhibition seemed to many to be too great a risk of congestion. However, this could be countered by the fact that many people had probably taken advantage of the ascension day holiday to travel to the EXPO. So let’s wait and see how it looks like at whitsun.


In general, there is a rather wait-and-see attitude, people first want to see whether the visit to the world exhibition is worthwhile at all. But so far you could only hear and read that everything is quite expensive. Bratwursts were actually sold on the grounds for DM 9.50 each. In the meantime, some handlers have reacted and significantly lowered prices.

But according to the neue presse from hanover, the handlers have already laid off 523 employees. The employees from the souvenir stores as well as hostesses and celebrity attendants are to be affected above all. But still one does not want to lower the entrance prices according to data of the EXPO management. "Turning the price screw is always the first and most primitive measure to be taken", according to managing director volk.

The media

Also the media with their negative reporting are to be to blame. They spread the horror scenario of possible traffic jams, overcrowded parking lots, overpriced hotels and a too crowded EXPO area. Queues of several hours were predicted. The EXPO resisters were taken too seriously with their announced protest actions.

In short, every conceivable spectre was raised and widely reported in all the media. Thus one hears from friends in other lands of the federal republic then also only worried questions, in which however always a gehorige portion scorn and mockery resonates.

Rough mania

Some visitors are disappointed that they have not seen everything during their visit. According to EXPO surveys, 70 percent of visitors say they would like to visit the world exhibition again. A 69-year-old enthusiastic monthly pass holder from hannover-laatzen prints it differently: "my husband and I come to the EXPO every day for a few hours, look around a bit and drink coffee. The whole day at the EXPO we old people could not hold out at all". She regretted that her monthly ticket did not allow her to come back for two hours in the morning and maybe in the afternoon or evening. Even with a monthly pass, one is not allowed to re-enter the area after leaving.

The offer on the gigantic area is so various that it is difficult to arrange a daily program. The many cultural events (15.000 during the entire EXPO period) also suffer from a loss of visitors because there are no information boards referring to the current daily program. So BAP played in the beatbox (hall 11) first in front of 200 listeners, later at least 1000 had arrived. This was certainly not due to BAP, which the day before was still talking of 20.000 people in munster were enthusiastically celebrated.

At the plaza stage there is no sign at all indicating when which events start. Most visitors want to see something or. Be entertained. Hardly anyone takes the time to look at the many monitors and posters. Nevertheless, the theme park is a success, because there seems to be a need for information among many visitors. But here, too, complaints can be heard in part, because the content of the presentation of the subject areas is not obvious at first glance. Here undoubtedly some explanations or a flyer are missing as a handout.

EX-treuhand boss mrs. Breuel

From some east german visitors a completely different argument was heard. The lack of visitor interest is also due to mrs. Breuel, the former head of the treuhand trust. "This is the receipt for their policy of job destruction in the east", this is the unanimous opinion of a small group from saxony. In their opinion, it should not always be the economy that dominates and everything should be subject to price dictates. "The EXPO is not affordable for most east germans, just look at the unemployment figures", one still got to hear and "then there are not even cards for the unemployed".

Consequences? Maybe soon there will be discounted tickets only for certain parts of the terrain. Then for little money one can visit only the east or the west country. Without a coordinated sales policy, the EXPO organizers will not be able to cope with the imminent collapse of the world exhibition. You will have to do more advertising. In this advertising they must include actual pictures of the EXPO, because only with the so far futuristic advertising they probably won’t reach the desired 40 million visitors. Spontaneous visits must unfortunately be demanded more strongly, even if there is then the furrowed traffic chaos and the grunen know themselves politically confirmed. However, not only the EXPO organizers should think about drastic consequences, also the private landlords and the hotels must show by drastic price reductions that they have internalized their role as hosts for the world.

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