Greece: situation of the escape is getting more dramatic

Greece: Situation of the escape is getting more dramatic

Fleet shelf in athens. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

Violence of the police, powerlessness of the state and solidarity of the burgern

An obviously racist-motivated surgery of a uniformed police officer on kos has taken care of in greece for a wave of emport. As the first of the AP video journalist dalton bennett reported, a police officer armed with a combat knife in front of the city hall of kos escape from syria and immigrants from pakistan, stepped, and pushed. Several hundreds of them were in front of the town hall to get the six-month stay due to the government.

Bennett immediately spread his video over twitter, providing for the first consequences. The official in question must be subjected to a duty review examination and has already been suspended according to the police. The police directorate referred in its opinion concretely to the "publications on social networks".

State no longer able to become lord’s escape stream

The situation of the escape of the escape of the bankruptcy and the specifications of the greek state, which is expanded by the ESM, is becoming more dramatic. The state is obviously no longer able to become the rural stream lord. In addition, it lacks funds and organizational structures to provide the arrival with the ever-theest, ie drinking water,. Alone on kos and rhodes should be short 1 daily.000 people after a risky boat trip in most sea-independent soul sellers arrive. It was almost 50 throughout july.000 to 55.000.

The immigrants are stacked on the islands and are perceived as storing by some of the locals as well as a number of tourists. On the other hand, solidary burgers jump in their own, and they at least rudimentary the services that the state can no longer perceive in his powerlessness.

Partly the burocracy hivides itself, in wrestling around a provision of basic supply. Thus, there were reports that no funds were provided for the supply of the escape with food on islands because of the prevailing capital control controls.

The "humpback" the escape

Similarly, however, it also looks like in organized camps of ngos throughout the country. The limitation of the allowed amount for money stresses makes shopping of the necessary to a hump trip through the muhlen of the relentless burocracy.

Greece: Situation of the escape is getting more dramatic

Fleet shelf in athens. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

After a certain time on the islands, it succeeds in obtaining the escape linges the coveted toleration paper. Thus, they are equipped for a new trip to the unknown to athens. But there is no state furge or organization.

So camping for almost a month about 900 afghans in pedion tou areos park. The park that owes its name to the ancient war god ares, despite a modernization made with 9.5 million euros, not on public toilets or drinking water.

Help anarchist groups

The marching field for the armies of the past times is mutated to the favela of the war escape. The smell of the afghans sleep in tents donated by burgers. Especially anarchist groups provide for the delivery of water bottles, food and clothing. In self-organization, left and anarchist groups have organized a medical emergency service.

Greece: Situation of the escape is getting more dramatic

Fleet shelf in athens. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

The necessary medicines are donated like everything else by collection of burgers. In the tsamadou strain 10 to 13 in echarchia, the anarchists have set up a central warehouse. By notice, the most necessary in good for the current day will be announced. On twitter and facebook try the groups to motivate more donors.

Immigration minister: "but what should I do??"

The regional administration of attika, in whose degree of state of the park was found so far only with ten buoys. The municipality of athens might create a better organized and mainly organized camp with the new fubball stadium of panathinakos athens of panathinakos athens. True residential containers were already installed there.

Greece: Situation of the escape is getting more dramatic

Fleet shelf in athens. Image: wassilis aswestopoulos

However, the creation of the necessary, provisionally installed infrastructure is more and more delayed, so that the opening of the camp has been postponed since the beginning of last week every day by another day. Significant are the typical exercises of greece’s immigration minister tasia christodoulopoulou. In your department, the supply of asylum seekers. In interviews, they are approaching the burning problems, almost always the answer, "but what should I do??".

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