Christopher lauer is also just a human being. And other surprises.

Christopher lauer is only human. And other surprises

Youtube and co. – our weekly telepolis video review

Nafri this, nafri that – we start the first weekend of the year in a very musical way: music on. And another wonderful song. But the situation is serious, so here is a commentary by sigmund gottlieb, who has spoken the most comments in the ARD tagesthemen in 2016. The man from the bavarian broadcasting corporation has a real grasp of the situation, he always formulates concisely and refrains from using superfluous phrases. May he stay with us for a long time.

Christopher lauer is only human. And other surprises

Just like christopher lauer, who likes to play the world spirit as an ex-pirate and a new SPD member. Now but probably a little overshot the mark, when he has outed over the net an afd sympathizer and kreissparkasse employee. He, in turn, was allegedly fired by his employer because he used his savings bank address for his critical mail to lauer. The whole story is well summarized here. And lauer apparently feels at least a little sorry for things, which led to the astonishing statement for him: "I am only human." bravo, because who would have thought that?

Federal government: fixed quota for renewable energies in traffic

Federal Government: fixed quota for renewable energies in traffic

The share of renewable energy in traffic is expected to rise to 28 percent in germany by 2030 and thus twice as high as provided by the EU. This is from a legislative eligibility, which the federal government on wednesday (3. February 2021) has decided. In addition to rough incentives for "green hydrogen" and the expansion of charging vacuums, it also includes the end of palmol as a biofuel from 2026.

In air traffic, a minimum share of fuel made of okostrom is introduced. This current-based kerosene should gradually account for at least two percent by 2030. Fuels from food and forage plants should be made of conservation – if possible, not in the tank land. Your share should be limited to the current level at 4.4 percent.

"With the law on the claim of climate-friendly fuels, the federal government creates an effective instrument to really reduce greenhouse gas emissions", said federal environment minister svenja schulze (SPD). It must be ensured that biofuels do not destroy nature, the minister said. "What porroy should replace, do not destroy the rainforest at the same time."

Police prevent political flash mob action in moscow

The flash mob-organized rally was supposed to be against neo-nazis; putin criticized the new law on demonstrations adopted in the first reading, which would ban almost all rallies

In spain, flash mobs may have helped get conservative government voted out of office. After the disinformation policy of the aznar government following the attacks of 11. On the saturday evening before the elections in march, rallies against the government and its iraq policy took place in front of the party buildings of the people’s party. Participants in spontaneous, unauthorized demonstrations were called together by word of mouth, SMS, chat and the internet (flash mobs against the spanish government).

A politically motivated flash mob also took place in moscow last weekend. Flash mobs are usually more or less successful dada actions, in which the participants, often unknown to each other, suddenly appear at a proposed time in one place, do some absurd things and then disappear again (a bit of fun is necessary). It is precisely this possibility of forming a swarm via the internet or cell phones, of quickly holding a meeting and, after a joint action, just as quickly disbanding again and disappearing into anonymity, that makes flash mobs interesting for unannounced political demonstrations that surprise the police.

Polluted and poisoned – landfill ocean

Overdosed and poisoned - landfill ocean

Atlantic. Photo: tiago fioreze / CC BY-SA 3.0

Phosphate and nitrate enrichment unbalances the ecosystem

Most of the pollutants and foodstuffs released on land end up in the sea sooner or later. There are not only the residues of fertilizers. It also includes inorganic and organic nitrogen and phosphate compounds from sewage works, municipal, domestic and industrial wastewater from the pulp, chemical and food industries and aquaculture plants, as well as emissions and wastewater from road transport, and also from the combustion of fossil fuels. A small portion, such as exhaust from shipping, is released directly into the ocean.

Lcd tvs with mini leds are also high-end in the price

LCD TVs with Mini LEDs are also high-end in the price

Easy to the CES in january, the coarse TV manufacturers present their for the year 2021 televisions. Now come gradually the shared prizes to light. Interesting here are the new devices with mini leds in the locally dimmable background light. With these LCD tvs, a lot of tiny light-emitting diodes sit in the display breach and are targeted there in small groups to significantly improve the display contrast. Not to be confused are these televisions with nano- or micro-LED tvs in which the light-emitting diodes themselves serve as pixels and are still much more expensive.

LGS qned tvs

LG calls for its two mini LED series QNED99 and QNED91 prices from 2600 euro: at LGS QNED99 it is 8K models for 5000 euros, 7000 euros or 10.000 euro (65, 75 or. 86 inches), the QNED91 show 4K resolution and are with 2600 euros, 4600 euros or 7000 euros (65, 75 or or. 86 inches) something cheap. Although LG classifies its OLED televisions as high quality, the price requirements for LCD tvs with mini leds are on a comparable level as for tvs with organic display.

That the manufacturer has its LCD tvs with mini leds "quantum dot nanocell plus light emitting display", quick qned, calls, may you probably understand as a side hob on the korean competitor samsung. He had his LCD tvs some time ago "QLED tvs" baptized, the "Q" for quantum dots stands. The fact that this is common LCD technology, while the devices with organic light emitting devices, briefly means OLED tvs, a completely different display technique, samsung likes to be tempted.

“Toshiba, colored, at a special price”

Trafficking in women on ebay?

There one rubs oneself already surprised the eyes. So promising sounds the offer: "natsuki olaz, soft skin, dermatolog. Tested."And for mrs. Olaz, the seller eoloi on the swiss ebay offshoot charges just 3.000 swiss francs. Oh yes, the item to be auctioned is of course as good as new. But it still goes cheaper. At "toshiba, colored, at a special price" the starting price is only 1780 francs. "Colored" apparently does not go so well in switzerland.

But if you want to make an offer right now with shaky fingers, you should rather read the item description first. There it becomes clear what it is really about: "on the european black market a woman costs less than we spend annually for our outer appearance. Women are blackmailed and made dependent with false promises, threats and fictitious debts. The booming sex industry is responsible for the trafficking of around 500 women a year in europe alone.000 to the victim. Hundreds of them end up in switzerland."And of course also with us in germany.

Living in the era of streaming video

In france, an IS supporter brushed himself off for the murder, and in the U.S., a man who was filming himself live was shot dead on the street; the video is also being circulated more widely by media outlets

When on 13. June, larossi abbali killed a policeman and his wife in their home in magnanvile near paris, he did something that attracted widespread media attention. After the murder, he recorded himself with the camera of his smartphone and spread the video in real time through facebook accounts. He pledged his allegiance to the islamic state, threatened to carry out more attacks, and considered killing the couple’s three-year-old son as well. Shortly after, police stormed the house, shot the murderer and took the child to safety.

Facebook removed the video after becoming aware of it. But the ability for any user to stream or watch live videos via twitter’s periscope and, more recently, via the facebook app, also offers a new opportunity to circulate unfiltered content. Abbali has shown what this can mean. Those who want to spread fear and terror or find followers for the mass-murderous IS sect can now also spread their attacks and atrocities live on the internet as snuff videos in real time – even with the speculation that the videos will continue to be spread despite a blocking that occurs.

Big data: google publishes new programming language logica

Big Data: Google publishes new programming language Logica

Google has presented a new free programming language with logica, which is to be used as declarative, logical language for processing data. For example, the company liked data scientists, engineers and other data specialists who want to use a logical programming syntax when writing queries and pipelines for google’s cloud data warehouse bigquery.

As a successor of the yedalog language designed by google, logica should be compiled to SQL and run on google bigquery. Logica is an open source under apache-2.0 license square affordable and brings experimental support for postgresql and sqlite with. With logica, google is pursuing the goal of simplifying the readability of queries compared to SQL. At the same time, the programming language should be better for the handling of big data.

Logica = logic + aggregation

Google’s latest programming language is intended to support the abstraction mechanisms that seem to be missing SQL. Because despite the popularity of the structured query language, it is important to some places to overcome coarse hurden. For example, SQL trap the processing of long word chains in english. According to the blog post SQL also supports abstractions only limited.

Windows 11: microsoft explains tpm usage

Windows 11: Microsoft explains TPM usage

The previous pre-versions of windows 11 can only be installed on desktop pcs, notebooks and tablets, in which a trusted platform module (TPM) to TPM-2.0 specification is. The microsoft security expert david weston blows in a blog entry, for windows 11 the TPM 2.0 (or FTPM 2.0) uses. In essence, the TPM should be so-called "zero trust"-concepts measure.

Weston calls four functional areas. Accordingly, it’s all about a general strengthening of the safety and confidence of the windows platform. He mentions the already used in windows 10 virtualization-based security (VBS, virtualization based security) with the hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI, hypervisor-tapped code entry award) function. For VBS, a TPM is previously optional; according to microsoft documentation, the TPM key, which uses VBS for the seal, but better protect.

David weston also mentions secured-core pcs with strong protection against manipulation of firmware (UEFI BIOS). Come, as in the message "basic information about the trusted platform module TPM 2.0" explains a dynamic root of trust for measurement (DRTM), which uses the TPM PCR 17. Whether strongly protected PC firmware – for example, with functions such as bootguard – consequently also to the "requirements" for pcs with windows 11 logo, lets weston open.

Telegram sets a billion dollars – partly from abu dhabi

Telegram sets a billion dollars - partly from Abu Dhabi

Telegram has found donors for a billion US dollars. This has shared pawel durov, co-agent of the messaging app, on tuesday. The money comes at the right time, telegram has to pay back a loan over $ 700 million in april. Only one of the donors is publicly known so far: the emirate abu dhabi.

His state fund mubadala has drawn for $ 75 million. In addition, the same amount of abu dhabi catalyst partners, a joint venture mubadalas with the new york investment company falcon edge capital. This has announced mubadala on tuesday.

Durov’s envision is arm to detail. He speaks of bonds and emphasizes that telegram will not be sold. According to US media reports, these are five-year convertible bonds. Unknown is the high of the interest rate. Update 25. Marz, 8:15 clock telegram has confirmed our site that it is a convertible bond. However, the conversion into telegram stocks only takes place when telegram goes through an initial public offer to the borse. An obligation to such a boron is not entered by telegram. If telegram simply does not operate the bond, there is no automatic exchange in shares. / update