Trading war: samsung, sk hynix and lg introduce trade relations with huawei

Trading War: Samsung, SK Hynix and LG introduce trade relations with Huawei

Huawei spurt the effects of the amplified trading restrictions on the part of the USA. If the chip launcher TSMC had already set trade relations with huawei, follow now further gross companies from the semiconductor industry.

According to reports of the sudkorean magazine chosun biz stop samsungs sectors and SK hynix the sale of dram chips like LPDDR4 to huawei. Also deliver chosun biz according to samsung display department and LG no display panels more about huawei.

Displays from boe and co.

Alternatives offer chinese manufacturers, but not always in sufficient quantities. DISPLAY, for example, huawei already buys in coarse quantities of beijing boe display technology – smaller competitors such as visionox, tianma and china star optoelectronics technology (CSOT) should now collect the share of samsung and LG. It’s primary about OLED panels.

Memory side it could be narrower, because china’s domestic production just turn up. For example, the series production of DRAM at changxin memory technologies (CXMT) ran, one of the largest chinese storage equipment.

Samsung cooperation with the USA

Most recently, samsung semiconductor was traded as a possible manufacturing partner for huaweis subsidiary hisilicon. However, if the samsung sister corporations will now set their business relationships, a cooperation appears more and more unlikely. Especially as samsung benefits from the trade war: a five-year cooperation with mobile phone operators verizon for the expansion of the US 5G network spools about 6.6 billion US dollars in their own funds.

In any case, huawei also instructed with an independent manufacturing partners for exceptions of US resistors, as balanced processor logic blocks as display controllers come from US companies, including synopsys. Qualcomm and mediatek meanwhile, meanwhile meanwhile for certificates to can sell complete system on chip (SOCS) to huawei.

Falling dram prices

Meanwhile, samsungs and SK hynix ‘sales stop in the following months could affect the retail trade. Huawei is said to make about 15 percent of SK hynix sales and 6 percent of samsung’s storage division. The market observer dram exchange therefore expects falling dram prices for the rest of the year. Over the past few months, the so-called spot prices rose away from defined delivery, as huawei had apparently covered with dram chips.

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