Union politicians call for an end to the deportation stop for syrians

Union politicians call for end to deportation ban for syrians

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After the gang rape in freiburg, in which several syrians are suspected of having committed the crime, possibilities of returning dangerous persons and criminals to syria are to be examined

Bavarian interior minister hermann (CSU) also advocates reconsidering the ban on deportations to syria.

"It is certainly not a question of deporting decent and well-integrated syrians", the CSU politician told our editorial team. "But our responsibility for the security of citizens in germany obliges us to use all the levers of the rule of law to get syrian criminals and dangerous people out of the country as soon as the situation allows."

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Last week, CDU politicians, such as baden-wurttemberg’s interior minister thomas strobl and the interior policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, mathias middelberg, spoke out in favor of a reassessment of the deportation ban for syria following a gang rape in freiburg in which seven syrian asylum seekers and one german are alleged to have been involved.

The ban on deportations to syria has been in place since 2012 "with numerous reports of torture and murder in all parts of syria", which is why "first some, then in 2012 all federal states have suspended deportations to syria".

The interior ministers of the federal states are now to discuss whether this should be. This requires a new assessment of the security situation in syria. Of course, the war in syria also plays a role in this.

How safe is syria?

This alone is not a simple matter, because syria is safe only in certain areas and the question of what is safe is answered differently. For example: how safe is syria for a young man who is conscripted??

The fighting between the syrian army and the opposing militias has not yet ended, and after seven years of war, who is to say that the army will not take as front fodder people who are considered to be somehow political? "Suspicious" had fled?

Compulsory military service is only one aspect among others, but it is important, as recent measures by the government in damascus show. They are intended to send a new signal to syrians abroad, allaying their fears that they will be immediately drafted into military service upon their return. This indicates how important the ie of conscription is.

A new deportation regulation for syria – should it come about – is only conditionally suitable as an answer to the sexual crime committed by syrian protection seekers, because this was not a measure that was limited to the violent crime in freiburg and the men involved in it, but had further-reaching effects on other groups of people.

Put before a german court

What is wrong with putting the men accused of the brutal act in front of a german court, in order to sentence them according to the evidence and background to the case, like other perpetrators of violence? The costs of detention? The criminal contagion of violent criminals? A wrong signal – "those who have the right to stay in germany will keep this right even after committing a serious crime"?

Agreements with bashar al-assad?

Another difficulty for a new deportation regulation is that it has to be agreed upon with the syrian government. The plane with the deportees must land in syria and the deportees must be able to be accommodated somewhere in syria.

Official agreements are needed. Since 2012, however, germany has officially no longer maintained diplomatic relations with the assad government (but with other authoritarian rulers, torturers and commanders of deadly military operations).

However, there were connections of the BND to damascus for a long time. Maybe something can be done with the wire. In order to get the government in damascus to agree to take back rather unwanted persons, representatives of german interests, for their part, probably had to signal political concessions. It will be interesting to see what this will look like and how it will be sold to the public.

The problem of rapes with the participation of migrants

But this is not enough to complicate matters. There are enough of them in germany alone, as the crime in freiburg shows. It is not the first rape in freiburg, which makes national headlines not least because migrants are perpetrators. There is a problem that pits the polarized political camps against each other.

Both get into strange, abstracting contexts of reasoning, which screw up and fantasize about the inconceivable of a brutal reality. Some, mostly on the left, want to abstract in such a way that the individual case crystallizes out. The right side whips – on the extreme pole – in the direction of a "invasion" a warlike invasion of foreign cultures that systematically use rape for their conquest.

The problem itself, the repeated case of a violent act involving migrants, to which the problems of mass migration give special attention, is not one for quick and easy solutions.

The problem with the work of the authorities

This should have been obvious to anyone still keeping their senses together, but what pulls the rug out from under the appalling case is the work of the authorities. Apparently, the main suspect of the violent offenders was known to the police as an intensive offender:

Since the summer, he has been accused of several acts of violence, including three bodily injuries and two sexual offenses. Auberdem is alleged to have been involved in a rape with another suspect from the current case and a third person already in the summer of 2017, it hewed at a press conference in freiburg.

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