Lcd tvs with mini leds are also high-end in the price

LCD TVs with Mini LEDs are also high-end in the price

Easy to the CES in january, the coarse TV manufacturers present their for the year 2021 televisions. Now come gradually the shared prizes to light. Interesting here are the new devices with mini leds in the locally dimmable background light. With these LCD tvs, a lot of tiny light-emitting diodes sit in the display breach and are targeted there in small groups to significantly improve the display contrast. Not to be confused are these televisions with nano- or micro-LED tvs in which the light-emitting diodes themselves serve as pixels and are still much more expensive.

LGS qned tvs

LG calls for its two mini LED series QNED99 and QNED91 prices from 2600 euro: at LGS QNED99 it is 8K models for 5000 euros, 7000 euros or 10.000 euro (65, 75 or. 86 inches), the QNED91 show 4K resolution and are with 2600 euros, 4600 euros or 7000 euros (65, 75 or or. 86 inches) something cheap. Although LG classifies its OLED televisions as high quality, the price requirements for LCD tvs with mini leds are on a comparable level as for tvs with organic display.

That the manufacturer has its LCD tvs with mini leds "quantum dot nanocell plus light emitting display", quick qned, calls, may you probably understand as a side hob on the korean competitor samsung. He had his LCD tvs some time ago "QLED tvs" baptized, the "Q" for quantum dots stands. The fact that this is common LCD technology, while the devices with organic light emitting devices, briefly means OLED tvs, a completely different display technique, samsung likes to be tempted.

Samsung neo qled

Although samsung has not yet announced prices for its mini-LED series neo QLED, but on the basis of the prices published in the US, you can derive approximately that samsung LCD tvs with quantum dots and mini leds in the locally dimmable backlight in this country between 1800 and 9000 euros will cost. We ame that you have to convert the dollar prices to at least 1: 1 in euros, because the US prices usually do not control taxes. Sometimes the price falls even more in euro including VAT.

Samsung 8K models from the series QN900A offered here is therefore about 5000 euro for the 55-zoller 55QN900A, 7000 euro for the 65-zoller 65QN900A and 9000 euro for the 85-inch model 85QN9000A. For comparison: the 65-cash 8K TV 65Q950T from the past year was offered for the start of 6000 euro – the goods a price premium of 1000 euro for the improved backlight.

The models with 4K resolution from the QN90A series were allowed to build with 1800 euros for the 55-zoller 55QN90A, 2600 euro (65QN90A), 3500 euro (75QN90A) and 5000 euro (85QN90A) and 5000 euro (85QN90A). Here, too, a comparison to the model with fald-backlight still without mini-leds: the price recommendation or the starting price for the 4K model 65Q90T from 2020 was with 2700 euros even something about the targeted price for the current model.

The number of zones

The tvs with mini leds in the fald-backlight were therefore samsung somewhat favorable than LG, but the final prices do not have to match the recommended retail prices of the manufacturers. In addition, samsung unlike LG not the number of dimmable zones and the existing mini leds per device. Should samsung have significantly reduced the number of zones as in the past year in order to put on optimizations by software instead, the lower prices were explained.

LG calls for its top model qned99 the impressive number of 30.000 mini leds, which can be dimmed as a 12er grupp in a total of 2500 zones. This way can also be achieved with LCD technology (almost) black image segments by bright lights. The more zones there are, the finer the finer is very bright of very dark areas – in perfection, this is so far only the oleds.

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