Iphone 13: new camera functions expected for professionals

IPhone 13: New camera functions expected for professionals

A few weeks before the expected date of publication, new details about the iphone 13 are leaked. Apple will set as a driving horse in the new smartphone generation among other things on camera controls, which are also designed for professional use, such as the financial news agency bloomberg reported on tuesday.

Apple especially for the post production with the video interaction final cut pro thoughtful prorses codec will give his debut on the iphone 13 to allow 4K recordings in high quality. Like the PRORAW format introduced last year, video recordings with the apple codec are limited to the more expensive PRO models.

Bokeh effect for videos

For the other video controls of the iphone 13 is a new cinematic mode, the recordings with (customizable) background creatures should be fulfilled, like bloomberg calling on informed persons. This place the scientific bokeh effect known from portrate photos for video recordings.

An improved filter function should make it possible to apply for properties only to specific image areas or elements such as objects and persons, instead of always paying the entire image. Whether the improved filters are made available by ios update on venous iphones remains open for the time being.

More apple hardware awaits for autumn

Which according to the report under the code name-guided iphone models D16, D17, D63 and D64 are excellently distinguished only slightly in the 2020 iphone 12, only the so-called "notch" – the recess for camera and sensors at the top of the screen – be smaller than before. In addition to a more powerful A15 SOC, a dynamic detergent of the refresh rate is expected, which is expected to increase from the operating system to up to 120 hertz if necessary,. In this context, it is also speculated to permanently display the CONNE screen-specific functions – such practical always-on functions have already been found on android advantages.

Usually, apple presents new iphones in september, which is also expected for the iphone 13. Whether the new models will come in the same month, remains open. In addition to new iphones, apple allegedly prepares the autumn introduction of new macbook pros with m1x-chip, airpods 3, ipad mini 6 and ipad 9 and apple watch series 7.

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